Spring – a damp start and no fish

Flint, Setting Up
Flint, Setting Up

Well since the last post we’ve been fishing at Cleveleys, Blackpool but as the weather was so bad and the fishing even worse the camera stayed in its case. I know this will seem odd but I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet while fishing – things are still drying out today – 2 days later. And just to make matters worse the amount of weed getting caught on the line was unbelievable. At one point there was so much it pulled my rod and tripod into the sea and filled my reel with sand, it is currently drying on the coffee table in bits.

This first picture was taken a couple of weekends ago during at match at Flint, North Wales, where the Flounder should have showed but the huge amount of fresh water coming down the River Dee meant that they mostly stayed out to sea – at least for me and Wendy.

Airbus A380 Wing on the River Dee
Airbus A380 Wing on the River Dee

We did get to see this trundle past though, a very large barge / transporter carrying a wing for an airbus A380. Not something you see every day. It went down the river and turned right at the mouth, we think it probably ended up at Liverpool dock to be moved onto a larger ship to be transported to France and assembled but we could be wrong.

So overall the fishing hasn’t been great and after a good start to the season myself and Wendy have blanked the past two matches, oh well, there’s also the next time…

And just in case you were wondering about the walking aspect of this blog, the weather hasn’t really been to clever recently up here in the North West but here is a photo showing why we go out when the weather gives us the chance.

Looking out to the Three Peaks
Looking out to the Three Peaks

This was taken about 3 weeks ago when the snow came down and shows Wendy looking out towards Pen-Y-Ghent, one of Yorkshire’s ‘three peaks’ from the journey up to the top of Fairsnape in Bowland, Lancashire. The views were stunning and it was good to be out when almost everyone else was in, if you know what I mean. My father is a ranger in this area which has many good walks and a great visitor center at Beacon Fell Country Park

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  1. Stu said:

    I found out a bit more on the Airbus A380 wing we saw while fishing on the BBC’s website – it’s on it’s way to France.

    April 5, 2006

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