A Mountain To Far

Well we tried Pen-Y-Ghent yesterday but after getting about halfway up the southern slope Wendy’s feet became very painful. She’s had problem with her achilles tendons ever since having viral arthritis a couple of years ago. We took a few pictures and I’ll post a proper blog with a few in it in a while.

We did sort out some fishing tackle though, ready for our weekend away at the end of the month to Anglesey – so although it was disappointing about the walk we’re getting geared up ready for our summer fishing and hopefully catch some Bass.

We’ll be trying the jif lemon floats we made which involved making a float / weight by filling a jif lemon with wax and attaching it to your trace and main line line via a couple of swivels. I believe it’s a very effective way of fishing soft plastic / jelly worm type lures so we’re going to give it a try.

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