Caldy – River Dee, April 16th

Waiting at Caldy
Waiting at Caldy

After so much rain it was great to start a fishing match in the Sun. The was a good turnout for this one from both the BLAS and WSF guys and girls, especially considering it was Easter Sunday – we there were even a few people from NWASAC.

The venue known as Caldy is situated on the Wirral side of the River Dee estuary and is a well known Flounder mark – particularly at this time of year and the greedy flatfish will readily take a ragworm bait in as little as a foot of water as the tides races in.

Myself and Wendy were fishing next to Bill Linfield – a well respected match angler from the area and it was a pleasure to speak with him and gain a few tips on fishing the area.

To say the fishing was slow would be an understatement and we were all a little disappointed with the lack of fish.

The weather though did hold up and we were able to watch some superb yatch handling skills as the local club held their race, then just before the end of the match I managed to snare this small whiting – to small to count in the match but at least it was a fish.

Caldy - Small Whiting
Caldy - Small Whiting

The overall verdict was another cracking day out, just a shame no one had told the fish.

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  1. Gary Hodgson said:

    Only just found this – sorry for v late comment – imo, caldy fishes far better in late autumn early winter esp at night – for april you really need to be on hoyle bank near hilbre – Thanks for the great blogs esp anglesey

    April 15, 2016

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