River Alt Estuary – Flounder Fishing

River Alt Flounder for Me
River Alt Flounder for Me

Finally finished laying the floor in the downstairs bathroom on Saturday so treated myself by leaving Wendy in bed and getting down to the River Alt Estuary at Hightown, between Formby and Crosby, at 6.45am where I met a few mates for an easy light rod session catching Flounder. The weather was great although the fishing was very slow and we only managed a total of 4 fish before the tide went out too far.

The bait we’d usually use at this venue would have been fresh peeler crab but as the spring has been so cold the crabs are late in shedding their old shells so we made do with frozen black lug tipped with small pieces of mackeral. The rigs we used were 2 hook fixed paternosters with size 1 fine wire aberdeen match hooks. You use fine wire hooks as the Flounder tend to swallow the bait and these are easier to remove without injuring the fish so they can be released.

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