BLAS & WSF Match: LLeyn Peninsula, Pwllheli 13th May

Discussing The Tide
Discussing The Tide

We set of from Preston early enough so that we could pickup some bait from Victoria angling at Colwyn Bay Pier and have enough time to book into the B&B ( The Victoria hotel ) before meeting the lads from Blackpool and Leyton Angling Society and Wirral Sea Fishing for the customary natter before the match. Paddy had made a huge pot of Chilli which was very welcome and even tempted some of the guys out of the pub were they were watching the FA Cup!

At about 4.30pm we all moved down to the venue which was to be at the golf course end of Pwllheli South Beach. The weather was clear with only a few clouds in the sky but the lads from BLAS didn’t believe me when I said it wouldn’t rain so donned waterproofs and sweated out the afternoon and early evening in style.The water was crystal clear and although this concerned a few people I was the first in with a fish on my light rod – a dogfish, not very big but still a fish.

Time passed and neither Wendy or I could get another bite no matter what bait, distance or end tackle we used while up the beach from us Dave was getting into more doggies by blasting his bait out that little bit further than should be possible.

Pwllheli Beach
Pwllheli Beach

The tide got higher as the sun dipped lower and with the tide the weed became a problem until the only realistic way to fish was close in if you wanted to retrieve your gear without it getting covered. Shacky, fishing next to Dave also got into some fish and as the final call was made the results were Dave, Shacky and Big Kev – joint first to scoop the pool of £38 each. I came in joint fifth.

In all 23 anglers signed in, which for a match so far away from home on FA Cup day was a great turn out, 14 people caught fish, unfortunately Wendy wasn’t one of them. Another great day out at a great venue that looks like it should produce some good fish but never has for us.

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