Conwy Tunnel / Llanfairfechan – Ford Focus vs Iveco Truck

Side Swipped Focus
Side Swipped Focus

Well, we left on time for our second Anglesey visit, got the bait on the way as usual from victoria Angling on Conwy Pier then this happened!

Going over the roundabout, westbound on the A55 at Llanfairfechan we got side-swiped by a Slovakian wagon that quite obviously didn’t see us. As he went round the roundabout he pushed our car over the roundabout with his wheels. He just carried on! We sped off after him and eventually pulled him in to a parking place. Needless to say we called the police who were very helpful took down all his details – yes he was legal although he couldn’t speak a word of english! He was abviously at fault as the man who stopped with us as a witness will no doubt tell the insurance company – thanks for stopping Brian!

Not a very good start but after a while we carried on to our cottage for the weekend. Luckily we were not injured and the car was still road worthy but it was one of the most frightening things that has ever happened to me. Currently the insurance company is in the process of sorting it out so we’ll see how that goes.

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