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20060511_appleLast week saw my Mother and Father take a well earned holiday in Gozo, Malta, so I volunteered to go up to their place and water the conservatory and Dads vegetable patch.

While I was there I thought I’d try out the Nikon 2200’s close up facility and as you can see by the results – it seems very good. This first picture is of the Apple blossom with the conservatory, blurred deliberately for effect, in the background.

The conservatory got a good soaking as per Mum’s instructions so I moved outside to check on Dad’s veg.

This got the same treatment and I was pleased to see that the carrots had started to show through as well as the onions and leeks and other seedlings so I must have been doing something right.

20060511_robinThen came the bit I’d been looking forward too and putting off until I’d done all the bits and pieces I was really there for. Every year the Swallows come and nest in the garage so I slowly opened the door hoping to see one sat on a nest only to be greeted by this little fellow and a couple of his friends.

As well as the Swallows a Robin (I think) had build a nest within a stack of old seed boxes an this year had managed to fledge at least three young. This was probably a lot easier this year as while Mum and Dad were away their cat, Woody (along with Becky and Megan – two gorgeous black labrador retrievers), had gone to a friends for his own enforced vacation.

I made one last circuit of the garden to check on the Moorhen and her chicks and took a few final photographs of the cherry trees for Mum and Dad just in case the blossom had fallen by the time the got back then, very pleased about seeing the fledglings, left for home.

20060511_whitecherryThe weather that week was fantastic and reports from Mum and Dad after they got back confirm that I didn’t manage to kill anything – in fact they say I did quite well, but it’s not exactly a hardship when you get to visit such a beautiful place and see such wonderful things.

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