A Bar-B-Q At Chipping, Preston

20060617_pondWell we haven’t been out walking or fishing for a while as we’ve been busy trying to sort out the front garden.

I am pleased to say it’s nearly finished except for putting in some new plants so it was great when my mother rang and asked if we wanted to go round for a BBQ on Saturday to celebrate father day and Wendy’s birthday a day early while the weather was nice.

If you’ve read my earlier post, Watering the Garden, you’ll know that Mum & Dad live near Chipping, which is at the southern end of the Trough of Bowland and a very beautiful area.

As the weather was so hot we went in Wendy’s car, a lovely dark blue X reg. Mazda MX5 and arrived in plenty of time to help start the charcoal off. The food, as usual when Mum has anything to do with it, was fantastic and the garden and pond look magnificent – it was amazing just how much things had grown since the middle of May.


After a couple of goods friends had come and gone I tried to get a few photographs of the Bees going in an out of the foxgloves but they were just too fast so I settled for a few close-ups of the flowers.

We also spotted what we thought were newly emerging dragonflies but when Mum and I got into the pond it turned out that they were empty husks. Mum and Dad say they weren’t there a couple of days ago so we can only assume that they crawled out of the water very early and were gone by the time we noticed them.

As it was nearly Wendy’s birthday, and due to the fact that we were doing up the front garden, Mum had got her some new plants and while Mum and Wendy were getting some others (digging them out of the garden I think) Dad and I checked on his veggies which I’d looked after while they were away a month ago.

20060617_cowsThese chaps were busy trying to get at the new growth but thankfully they just couldn’t reach. Everything had shot up and we’d even had some of the lettuce (3 types) with our burgers for lunch.

It was soon time to go – it’s amazing how quickly half a day passes when you’re so relaxed. So after another great day out at Mum and Dads we made our way home.

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