River Alt, Merseyside – BLAS Match, June 11th

River Alt, Merseyside
River Alt, Merseyside

An easy days fishing on a blazing hot day – fantastic.

After collecting some great bait – peeler crabs from Chris at Moreton Angling Centre ( on the Wirral) on Saturday morning Wendy was fired up to defend the estuary cup as she’d already won leg one earlier in the year at Fort Perch Rock. The River Alt is a beautiful place, especially when the weather is so good and seems almost like it’s own little world sometimes.

Flounder from the River Alt
Flounder from the River Alt

The fishing was hard and not at all as good as expected – well at least for me, Millsy and Shacky but for Wendy it was another storming session.

Fish after fish came to her where as I could only manage one even though I was fishing no more than about 10 feet away, using the same bait and rigs and almost casting in the same spot.

Amongst the flounder the dreaded eels made a show with some of them being a very good size. Wendy had one which must have been a good 2.5 pounds and almost as thick as my wrist. The final results were Wendy 1st followed by Millsy, Shacky and myself bringing up the rear.

We also saw a couple of Shelducks with chicks swimming in the distance but unfortunately they were to far away for the camera to pick up.

As we were packing up a couple more people turned up who were new to sea fishing so we gave them a couple of pointers on fishing where we had just been and the last couple of crabs, everyone is a beginner at first and it doesn’t take long to pass on a few tips to people new to angling.


  1. Stu said:

    Thanks for your comments Glenn.

    Good to see another fishing blog out there, havn’t fished over that side for a bit but have done about 3 or so years of the british open beach championships at Bridlington at the start of March, IN THE SNOW!!!

    August 13, 2006

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