Sat 27th May: Trwyn-y-Penryhn, Anglesey


Another fine day dawned and today we woke with the anticipation of a few good fish. We elected to fish a little bit more towards Penmon Point in a bay called Trwyn-y-Penryhn than we did last bank holiday, when i caught a lovely Bass, not through choice but because of the Beaumaris Craft Festival all sorts of small boats were out in force in the area we’d previously fished. We soon made the discovery that the channel was a lot further out than in the previous area the area was a lot more ‘snaggy’.

We spent a fruitless couple of hours fishing into the rocks, over the rocks, around the rocks but nothing showed even the slightest interest in our baits – what could be going wrong we wondered? Same tactics as last time, almost the same terrain but nothing!

Egg Sacks Maybe?
Egg Sacks Maybe?

One strange thing did stand out though. Although we went with bait we always search the beach for more – you never can tell when you’ll need it – and every crab we found was either angry and therefore not peeling or a dead peeler! Very strange.

I did spot these egg sacks hanging under a rock but I’ve no idea what they are so if anyone knows can they let us know.

We called into ABC for a word with Malcolm and to replace the tackle we lost and he let us know that they’d had the ‘Red Tides’ – I wish I’d mentioned to him the previous evening what we were intending – it would have saved a lot of hassle. The ‘Red Tides’ as they are called is the annual algal bloom which kills of the crabs and most bait fish around the island but most dramatically on the South and East coasts – no bait to eat and the fish stay out to sea so it wasn’t us being useless – this time even the algae was against us.

Malcolm suggested that there was still time to fish Newborough beach high water so we blasted back to the cottage to get out normal beach fishing gear and a quick brew…


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