Garden Almost Complete – too hot to fish or walk!

20060706_gardenWell, the weather has been stunning here in Lancashire. In fact it’s been too hot to go walking or fishing, not that I’m complaining you understand, so we’ve contented ourselves with pottering in the garden and doing general house maintenance this past week.

The front garden now looks great and the new plants are shooting up, especially when we remember to water them! We ended up getting three new plants for Wendy’s birthday from Mum & Dad; a small fir tree, a dwarf rhododendron and a japanese maple (or acer) and you would not believe the new growth they’ve put on in just a couple of weeks.

That’s about it for this week – sorry it’s a bit short but nothing to report on the main topics of this blog. On another note we finally finished our new website at work today – you can have a look by clicking

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  1. hi!, thank u for the info, this post was very awesome ! oooops! now it’s time to go back to my garden ! 🙂

    May 3, 2010

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