Autumn Beach Recce – Rossall, Lancashire

Rossal - Looking North
Rossal - Looking North

After the rather unproductive sea fishing session at Crosby on Saturday night we decided to be a bit more pro-active in our search for winter fishing locations and journeyed up to the Rossall Beach area of our coastline, near Fleetwood, Lancashire.

This area fishes very well in the middle of winter when the tides are high and the wind blowing off the sea. In previous years we’ve had many Whiting and the odd Codling (Cod of less than 5lbs) from many areas along this stretch of the coastline, caught mainly on local Black Lugworm.

The beach is bisected with many groynes which help keep the sand in place but pose a few problems for anglers. When the tide is high these structures are almost invisible and you can easily get your lines tangled round them.

More importantly, the sand build up creates a bank which constantly shifts depending on the tides and weather and to be in with a chance of a good fish you need to know where the gaps are in these sand banks and where any deeper gullies can be found.

Number 144
Number 144

Thankfully there are a lot of sea fishing matches in this area and the local clubs have ‘pegs’ or areas marked in bright yellow so that the match anglers know where to fish from as these areas are drawn randomly for each angler before the start of the match.

This can help the pleasure angler as well as once you find a good area all you need do is find the nearest number to help you remember where you caught that prize Cod.

We took a lot of photos of likely looking places, as well as the nearest numbers so that we could identify where the images were taken and build up a map of areas to try.

We walked up to Rossall Point where there is a patch of rough ground covered in small mussels and tube-worms. On closer inspection it was clear that there were many types of wading birds present feeding in this area as it was uncovered by the receding tide.

Fishy Features
Fishy Features

This was a sure sign of food items being present and on a medium to high tides we think this area will fish very well using black lugworm with mussel whipped onto the hook although in the rough winter weather the area looks a bit exposed.

We will be doing a lot of fishing around Rossall over the colder months so with this bit of information we should be in with a better chance of catching a Cod to go with our chips.


  1. Duxbury Ramblers said:

    Hi Stuart,
    I have learned something new reading your blog – we have seen the stencil marks and often wondered about them never thought of them as fishing pegs.
    Arnold also want to add that the Cod & Chips sound great.
    Hope the weather picks up for all of us mad out door types.
    Take care.

    October 26, 2006
  2. Anonymous said:


    June 1, 2008
  3. bavid martin said:

    were can i buy live black lug at rossal

    August 23, 2010
    • Stu said:

      If i’m fishing that area and need any I get mine from Dave Christie (07818 440 585) who’s place is opposite Fleetwood Pier, next to the Victorian Tea House. Very helpful bloke. If he hasn’t got any Mick at Blackpool Angling could probably sort you out (01253 290 961)

      August 23, 2010

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