Water, Wetlands and Wildlife

As BBC’s Autumn Watch came to an end last week, and what a fantastic series it was, I trawled through the internet to find a few relevant websites.

WWT, The Wildlife and Wetlands Trust
The UK’s only specialist wetland conservation charity and home of Martin Mere, the location of Autumn Watch.
The RSPB, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Working to secure a healthy environment for birds and wildlife which helps create a better world for us all.
The Mersey Basin Campaign
Helping improve water quality in the rivers and waterways of England’s Northwest and encourage high quality waterside regeneration.
National Trust, Formby
Offering miles of walks through the woods and dunes. One of the last places in England where visitors may catch a glimpse of the rare red squirrel.
Red Deer Research on Rum
One of the star attractions of this years Autumn Watch was watching these magnificent animals in such beautiful surroundings.

Plus a couple of new sea fishing ‘blogs’

Seaforth Sea Fishing
A new website designed for north west sea anglers. Through the months there will be pictures and reports on what is caught and where.
East Anglia Sea Angling
A blog by Ian, who lives in Norfolk, recounting some of his sea fishing experiences.


  1. Rachel said:

    I’m surprised you happened upon my blog. 🙂 I’m currently in my fourth week in Bangor and am just beginning to find my way around. After seeing your comment, I looked at your blog as well. Your pictures are amazing! I have an interest in photography, myself, though I’m a total beginner. After seeing your pictures, I can’t wait to see more of Anglesey and maybe take a few photographs! Also, before reading your blog I’d never heard of anyone catching Small Eyed Ray–very cool. How long have you and your wife been seafishing? How often do you get to Angelsey?

    October 22, 2006
  2. Stu said:

    Thanks for that Rachel.

    We are over there as often as possible in the spring / summer but now winter is arriving we’ll be concentrating our sea fishing and fell walking efforts a bit closer to home.

    Oh well, we’ll probably be over there next in Spring 2007 for the first Bank Holiday in May.

    October 22, 2006

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