A Rarity on our First Birding Quest

An Evening of Lapwings
An Evening of Lapwings

After purchasing the scope on Friday we were eager to try it out on something a little more challenging. There had been sightings during the previous month of a very rare bird to the UK so flasks were packed and like proper birders off we went in search of our quarry.

The destination was Fluke Hall, Pilling on the Southern side of Morecambe Bay. The weather was, once again, very windy and just to make it worse, showers were frequent and cold. I thought I’d spotted our target on the drive to the car park but wasn’t sure until a very kind man confirmed our suspicions.

We came out of the woods a little apprehensively, would it still be there? YES! You could see it with the naked eye, closer with the binoculars and through the scope it was amazing. A Glossy ibis! So rare a visitor to the UK there have only been 87 sightings between 1958 and 2004. It’s not even on the RSPB web site. Just as I pulled the camera from my pocket it flew behind the trees but just to see it was fantastic – a truly exotic bird in Lancashire – amazing!

It’s likely that well be doing a lot more birding now that we have the scope so below are a few links that will keep the avid bird watcher up to date.

birdguides.com A free map with sightings or register for more in-depth details.birdformum.net A massive resource for all things birding, from sightings to equipment reviews – to get started try looking in the section for North West England.

And last a link to rockyroaduk.com – views and stories from the saddle of a mountain bike, mainly around Lancashire. Some great photos and stories from Chris.

And the photograph above? Well, we had to go and have a quick look at the Little egrets at Marshside. I couldn’t get a photograph, it was a bit dark but the moon was just visible as these Lapwing flew past.

After all – we’ve a scope now and it seems we’ve become birders…

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