Relaxing Sea Fishing at Rossall, Lancashire

Double Shot of Whiting
Double Shot of Whiting

Last night we had a quick trip up to Rossall near Fleetwood, Lancashire to see if we could snare a few fish before Christmas and to get away from the mayhem that seems to arrive at this time every year.

The weather was by no means ideal and when we got there the sea was flat calm with a mist rolling in. It’s always a bit strange being on a beach during the night but with hardly a ripple on the sea and visibility down to 100 meters it was a little odd, but damn it was good to be out sea fishing after so long.

Hi-tide was about 1 o’clock so we fished from about 10.30pm through to 2.00am.

Bites were a little slow in coming to me during the run up to high water but Wendy was getting plenty of interest in her lug worm baits but just couldn’t connect with any fish. Then as high water arrived she started landing a few Whiting then proceeded to show me how it’s done by catching 2 at once.

A Flounder from Rossall
A Flounder from Rossall

It was another of those sessions where I was out fished by Wendy, 6 fish to 3 although I did manage a Flounder as well as 2 of the smallest Whiting I’ve ever caught. I’m beginning to get used to it but it didn’t matter and all too soon 2 o’clock came and it was time to pack up.

Another great session sea angling on the Lancashire coast and just what we needed, a bit of peace and quite, the sound of the sea gently lapping against the promenade and a few fish – fantastic!

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