Wild, Windy and Wet – No Sea Fishing This Weekend!

Well I can definitely say that the winter storms have arrived here in Lancashire this week. The weather has been awful and it looks like it’s going to continue into the weekend. Damn!

We were hoping to go out on a boat trip (fishing a match with the Blackpool and Layton Angling Society guys again) onto the River Mersey but neither myself or Wendy are fantastic on boats in dodgy weather so we’ve cancelled – I hope they have a good time on Sunday – if the boat goes out!

The garden is now devoid of leaves and underwater so there’s nothing to do there, so what to do over the weekend?

Christmas shopping has been done but I’m sure we’re missing something…

The Christmas Tree!!! Yes, this is the weekend that we get our tree, a real one of course and kick-start Christmas off with putting up the decorations, and maybe a glass of wine or two…

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  1. Duxbury Ramblers said:

    Hi Stuart,

    The weather has been foul and we got wet again this morning but I am now looking at the sunshine through the window and we are tempted to venture out again, and I am sure you will venture out this weekend. Who knows what you might spot through that new scope.

    Take care.

    December 8, 2006

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