The Weather is Psychic…

I haven’t updated this blog recently as every time we plan to go out fell walking during the weekend the rain gods laugh at us and our outing has to be canceled.

All except this weekend, the sun was out and the rain stayed somewhere else but… we had to go and pick some tiles as we’re having the bathroom re-tiled next week. So not much going on recently except house maintenance and avoiding the rain.

The annoying thing is during the week, when I’m at work, the weather has been perfect for sea fishing – oh well – roll on Spring and Summer.

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  1. Paul Iddon said:

    I had 3 days off this week. Monday I had too much to do so couldnt get out to take advantage of the bright sunlight (even though it was cold and windy) but come Tuesday and Wednesday when my time was my own… dull, wet and thoroughly dismal. I ended up taking indoor macro shots to quench my picture taking desire!!!

    February 28, 2007

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