Winter in Bolton – what Winter?

Wild Primula
Wild Primula

After a couple of dismal weeks worth of bad luck regarding the weather, where it would be nice a frosty during the week and raining at the weekend we’re not going to get out this weekend either as Wendy is ‘on call’ and has to stay within an hours traveling time of the local hospital.

So plans of fell walking are out but I do intend to get out somewhere before I go mad…

Walking through the park on Wednesday I was amazed to see a few flowers already coming out including the first hint of purple from the crocus’ and a few wild primrose (primula vulgaris) and today during my lunchtime stroll the birds were in full song as if celebrating the arrival of Spring, a little early but I knew just how they felt.

It’s amazing the difference a little bit of sunshine can make you feel.

River Croal, Bolton
River Croal, Bolton

I took this photo on Wednesday as well just to show the level of water that’s now coming down the River Croal. It’s like a completely different river compared to a couple of weeks ago. I was going to take some photos of the trees that have come down but the council had been busy and already chopped them into log-sized pieces.

So what to do over the weekend? I might go for a long walk along the River Douglas, do a bit of bird-watching or even go sea fishing although with Wendy not able to go far it will have to be something near to home.

Sorry about the lack of postings recently but I’m back on track now so expect a few more regular updates and thanks for reading.


  1. Ziggywigs said:

    Wow what a difference a few weeks can make…we missed the worse of the weather up North for a change. I’m sure it’ll make up for it though.

    Great update…really enjoy reading your blog.

    February 5, 2007

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