Spring is Here And Out Comes The Sun

Bluebells and Garlic in Flower, Queens Park, Bolton
Bluebells and Garlic in Flower, Queens Park, Bolton

What a huge difference to the world the sun makes. I’ve spent all my lunch hours for the past 2 weeks walking through Queenspark, Bolton and the difference in the flora and fauna is truly astonishing.

At the start of last week there were hardly any flowers except the Daffodils but this week the woods are full of Bluebells and Wild Garlic in every direction you look and whenever you stray off the path the smell of the Garlic instantly assails your nostrils.

I was listening to the radio on the way home last week and Wild Garlic is a very good salad ingredient and is good for you and although I haven’t tried any myself there are a few recipes using it on the BBC Wiltshire Website.

Comma Buttterfly
Comma Buttterfly

Another thing that always amazes me at this time of the year is the insects. Where do they come from? I know, I know – they hibernate, then come out to lay eggs and then a second lot turn up that are migrants from the south but it’s always a great sight – one day no butterflies – the next, they’re everywhere.

I’ve seen the usual suspects such as Small Tortoiseshell and a few early whites but I’ve also seen the earliest Peacock butterfly I can remember as well as this lovely Comma (Polygonia c-album) sunning itself on a new leaf.

The birds are also busy with far too many species to list all busy building nests or feeding early chicks – this weather and the early proliferation of insects should give them all a very good start to the year.

I keep seeing the Kingfisher but I still can’t find where it’s nesting and to be honest I’d be a bit worried about disturbing it so I’ll probably just enjoy watching it fly up and down the river.

Wild Garlic, Queens Park
Wild Garlic, Queens Park

No pictures of birds this time I’m afraid as they’re either to fast, to far away or I’m just to slow with the camera.

And as for the sea fishing, we haven’t been out since Christmas as we’ve been decorating and generally tidying up the house after winter but we’re going on our first Bass hunt soon and we can’t wait.

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  1. Paul Iddon said:

    I love springtime too Steve. Warms your heart, as they say.

    May 10, 2007

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