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Hedgehog in the Garden
Hedgehog in the Garden

A lot of the time we have to go out of our way to see some of the amazing things mother nature has to show us in the country, but sometimes nature comes to see us.

We sere sitting outside enjoying a brief spell of sun before darkness fell and more rain came down when we heard a shuffling at the bottom of the garden, thinking nothing of it and assuming it was one of the many cats from the surrounding homes we carried on chatting until I looked up and spotted this little fellow looking back at me.

I managed to get very close and as you can see, the Hedgehog was in no way camera shy.

We left him to his evening stroll hoping that he would eat as many slugs as he could find, they eat up to 15 a night so that should save a few of the leaves on the plants.

We haven’t been sea fishing or walking recently as the weather has been atrocious for June but we’re hoping to get out and about once the rain stops but looking at the weather forcast for the coming weeks it looks like we’ll have to keep our wellies handy for a while yet.


  1. Ziggywigs said:

    Loved the post, the pic of the hedgehog is delightful. I have a hedgehog who comes to the back door….think it goes to where my cat takes it’s prey!

    July 2, 2007
  2. Stu said:

    Thanks Ziggy.

    Hedgehogs are great aren’t they and with this damn (ho ho) weather there are plenty of slugs for them to eat


    July 14, 2007

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