100 Miles per Fish, South Devon

A couple of Spider Crabs
A couple of Spider Crabs

We had been looking forward to going sea fishing in South Devon since we booked the cottage this time last year. Alas – things we not to go as we’d hoped.

We managed to find the local tackle shop which I’d found on the internet and initially they seemed very helpful, with all sorts of information on where to fish but in our eagerness to catch we were blinded by our own enthusiasm.

The first place we tried was Beesands, a very steep slopping beach, we didn’t know what state of tide to fish it or really what bait to use so we took everything… and caught 2 spider crabs in 4 hours!

We tried all sorts of places but most of the rock marks we were pointed towards needed climbing gear or a helicopter to reach the water.

One of the nicest places we fished was Prawl point but after being told the water was deep we were a gain disappointed to find casting out only landed your bait in very shallow water.

A Wrasse for Wendy, Start Point
A Wrasse for Wendy, Start Point

Wendy did manage to catch a couple of small Wrasse but again, I had nothing.

Another problem we encountered was the lack of bait in the area. The quality of the frozen bait was not up to the standard we are used to and with the weather being so bad there were no Sandeels available.

It became apparent after fishing at another very beautiful area in the Kinsbridge Estuary called Mill Bay but not getting any fish that the information we were getting was also not of the standard we were used to in Anglesey – we were not getting any details on tides to fish, conditions or tactics and we were getting a bit frustrated by this point.

Eventually after nearly two weeks of no fish and watching a few people trying for Mackeral off the beach at Torcross, where we had a very good sea food diner, I resorted to trying for Mackeral. Finally I caught some fish!!!

Finally - two Mackeral
Finally - two Mackeral

You could actually see the Mackeral about 10 feet from the edge of the sea so it wasn’t skillful fishing by any means but I was desperate to catch.

We tried a few other areas but eventually just decided to enjoy the rest of our break without doing any more fishing.

So what went wrong?

I think we are so used to getting valuable local advice from the tackle shops in Anglesey, North Wales and the North of England that we assumed we’d get the same standard of information from the ones in Devon. We were wrong and a valuable lesson was learned.

So – what now! Well next year we’re hoping to go to South West Ireland but we’re staying at a place that specifically caters for the needs of the sea angler, with local guides, a boat, bait and tackle and as much information as you could ever need – I hope.


  1. Duxbury Ramblers said:

    Good to hear from you both again, sorry to hear about your holiday but each step in life is a learning curve.

    July 28, 2007
  2. Aitch said:

    Unlucky both of you, a lot of effort for little reward. Not time wasted though, out on a beach in the fresh air etc etc etc

    August 18, 2007
  3. Nath said:

    I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes…but at least you ended up with some fresh mackerel for tea!

    Love the blog and I’m looking forward to your next post

    Vest wishes, Nath

    April 18, 2008
  4. Stu said:

    Yep – sometimes it just doesn’t go your way – but then that’s why its called fishing rather than catching 🙂

    Going to Anglesey soon so hopefully some more fish will come our way.

    April 20, 2008

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