Llandudno – Odd Year Part 2

Llandudno, North Wales
Llandudno, North Wales

So what else did we do last year? Not a lot of sea fishing or fel walking that’s for sure. We did manage to suprise my father though which is a task in itself. For the past few years he has been entering the Three Castles Welsh Classic Trial with a friend, Bill. He works as the navigator and Bill, the proud owner of the car – a beautiful bright red Triumph TR5, is the driver.

This year (2008) we arranged to go down to Llandudno but we took company. Every year Dad and Bill go for 4 days leaving my mother and their dog, Megan – a black lab, behind. So – we picked up mum and Megan and took them to see the finish of the rally.

Three Castle Rally, TR5
Three Castle Rally, TR5

Did we suprise my father?

I think we can safely say yes – it’s not often we can ‘get’ him, although how we’re going to top this one i’ll never know.

Once again the weather was stunning and after a good chat and a look at the cars we meandered our way back along the promenade only for me to spot a few guys fishing for Mackerel from the shore. It looked like they were doing fairly well and every so often a flash of silver and blue / green could be seen as their prizes were beached.

If there is anything quiet as frustrating a watching fish being caught when your tackle is almost 100 miles away I’ve yet to discover it. We left them too it, another great day in Llandudno and managing to suprise my father – priceless.

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