Steath Attack on Sea Fishing – Call to Arms

fishposter1Now I’m not usually one for shouting about anything even vaguely political and to be honest I normally steer clear of anything remotely involving the policies of our government or the EU but there is a growing threat on the horizon from Brussels (just for a change) that all recreation anglers and sea fishermen should be made aware of.

Imagine having to pay for every single fish you caught while out enjoying your favorite outdoor activity or to prove that you were releasing the fish you’d finally managed to catch. The ‘big brother’ idea gone a bit mad you might think… read on.

To quote Nigel Farage MEP and Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Article 47 requires sport anglers to declare their catch so it can be included in the national fish quota. This is ludicrous. It will:

1. Place further pressure on the already beleaguered commercial fishing industry.

2. Make a criminal of every sea angler who fails to declare their catch. For failing to declare a mackerel caught off Brighton Pier, a child could face a fine from the EU of up to £50,000. That is just not acceptable.

Brussels hopes to ram Article 47 through by April and avoid any debate or opposition.

Why should Brussels bureaucrats ruin a sport loved by millions of people all over Britain and tighten the screw even more on our commercial fishermen?

That is why we have launched our SOS Campaign.

On our website www.ukip.orgwe have a petition for people to add their names plus there is also a poster which can be downloaded from the website which we encourage people to display in their home, local fishing tackle shop…just wherever they can!

And it’s not just UKIP that are against this idiocy.

Neil Parish MEP (Conservative) West Country says

I am very concerned by these proposals

Quite why anglers have been targeted is beyond me. Instead of targeting an innocent recreational activity, the European Commission should be looking at the real cause of the crisis in commercial fishing, namely the monstrosity which is the Common Fisheries Policy.

You can also find the petition at the e-petions website, resist the proposed changes from the EU in relation to Recreational Sea Angling.

As you can see, this is madness and I hope you’ll go and visit the websites and sign the petitions. Next we’ll have to have straight carrots – oh, they’ve already done that haven’t they…

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