The Dab and Rockling Shuffle, Blackpool Sea Fishing Scores

JP with a Blackpool Flounder
JP with a Blackpool Flounder

After visiting the RNLI the BLAS (Blackpool and Layton Angling Society) guys made their way onto an area of Blackpool promenade named ‘North Wall’ for the last sea fishing match of the season.

I went along to keep them company and to see if I could temp anything out of the perfectly coloured water which had a bit of a ‘chop’ to it to it looked promising.

To say the angling was tough would be an understatement and although I tried various baits, rigs and distances I managed to come away without catching anything. Not that it mattered much, I wasn’t in the match I had a good chat with friends I hadn’t seen for some time and the sun came out – finally.

All that came out were a few Dabs, some (only just in-size) Flounder and a few Rockling.

Shauns' matching winning Rockling
Shauns' matching winning Rockling

The match was eventually won by Shaun, pictured here with a small Rockling – doesn’t look much does it but this fish and another of similar size won him the match.

After chatting to the guys last week and today they’ve been telling me that this winter the fishing on Lancashire coast has been terrible, not only have Codling been in short supply but so have Whiting which is very unusual. We’re putting it down to the lack of storms churning up the sea bed and dislodging food for the fish to come in to shore and eat – at least that’s what we’re hoping…


  1. i have recently taken up sea fishing and was wondering if anyone knows the best spots at present in blackpool,i used to do alot of course fishing so know alot about fishing but could someone give advise about what bait and tackle to use?

    May 13, 2009
  2. Stu said:

    Hi Martin – I’m not 100% familiar on the blackpool scene at the moment but it’s worth having a look at (in the forum) in the blackpool reports and vnues sections – there are a lot of guys out there that fish the area.

    May 14, 2009
  3. Went on gynn wall for 1st time on high tide this morning and got bites all morning
    Used black lug and makerel and caught 4 decent dabs so defo be going back again

    June 4, 2009

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