A New Angle to Try, Fly Fishing at Mere Beck

Mere Beck Fly Fishing, Lancashire
Mere Beck Fly Fishing, Lancashire

We’ve always wanted to have a go at Fly Fishing but it’s always seemed out of reach for some reason, maybe because up here in Lancashire you always hear tell of the best streams being ‘down south’ or the famous rivers being in Scotland but there’s a growing community out there of people who are applying this method of angling to our local salt water species of which one of the main sources of information is the website of UK Saltwater Fly Fishing.

So, the question remained, where to go to ‘have a go’ and learn the techniques?

Looking Down the Ponds, Mere Beck
Looking Down the Ponds, Mere Beck

And after much searching on the internet we quickly eliminated the paid weeks tuition up in Scotland (a bit too expensive) and came across Mere Beck Fly Fishing, you can imagine my astonishment when I found out it’s 10 minutes drive from my house and with the weather today being so good we went to have a look round.

After having a chat with a very knowledgeable lady who ran the reception / tackle shop / everything, we spent a good hour just walking round the many ponds that are fed a constant flow of water creating a slight current for the fish to thrive in. Tuition can be arranged and tickets for fishing can be bought from 3 – 8 hours. It looked fantastic and I got that feeling that this was exactly what we were looking for to get a feel for fly fishing and to ‘have a go’ and see if it is something we want to persue.

The next stage is to book a day of work, sometime in May I think, that coincides with Wendy’s nursing and arrange to go for the day.

I also had a look at our Snowbee catalogue which I got hold of to have a look at waders just to see what fly fishing tackle is all about and start to learn some of the lingo (are there any anglers out there who don’t look through tackle catalogues at all the new tackle they can buy?) – it seems very simple and lightweight compared to our usual stuff but as per normal there doesn’t seem to be a top limit to what you can spend so a little restraint is going to be called for until we’re sure.

As for sea fishing with a fly rod I think most of the methods are the same as for trout but the tackle is slightly heavier, protected against the salt and the flies bigger.

Canon EOS 450D
Canon EOS 450D

The other thing I did this week was finally purchase an SLR camera. I had one a long time ago when I worked in a camera shop but sold it to purchase my first Apple Mac about 15 years ago and have since had increasing more complicated compact cameras of which my current one is a Canon Powershot A640 which has served me well and no doubt will still take the majority of my sea fishing photos’.

My new camera is a Canon EOS 450D (Not Canons top model but not the bottom one either) with the ‘kit’ lens which is an 18-55mm zoom plus a larger 55-250mm zoom. I haven’t got the more expensive lenses as I want to make sure I’m going to use it enough to justify the expense but first impressions are good.

I just need to remember some of the photographic techniques I picked up and have now forgotten, at least everything is now digital and I don’t have to pay for film to be developed while I re-learn how to work the thing.

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