Let The Anglesey Adventure Begin

There have been a few reports of some good fish coming out all around the North Wales and Anglesey coastline, including a brace of Bass to one angler of 7 and 8 pounds and a Gilthead Bream so we’re off.

Everything is packed;

* fishing gear – check
* walking gear – check
* birdwatching gear – check
* photography gear – and check

At this rate I’m going to have to buy a bigger car.

If all goes to plan (which I doubt) the weather will stay as it is and produce a slight surf to bring the Bass in but be gentle enough to flatten the sea on the western side of the Island to give us a chance for some Thornback Rays.

And while we’re on the subject of Bass… what is it with people calling them “Sea Bass”, is there some type of land or air Bass that I’m not aware of? It’s a Bass! All the other varieties are called a ‘something’ Bass, the European one is called a Bass or if you want to be pedantic it’s full name is European Bass or Dicentrarchus labrax, also known as Morone labrax.

I guess it’s to avoid confusion with some of the American varieties such as Large Mouth Bass which live in fresh water. Sorry – it’s just a pet hate of mine that things get renamed for no apparent reason, or at least non that I can see (don’t even get me started on Marathon vs. Snickers)

Hopefully the next entry will be full of images of huge fish or if not, at least some good scenery.

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