No New Windows but Great Weather

Silverdale - looking across Morecambe Bay to Arnside Knott
Silverdale - looking across Morecambe Bay to Arnside Knott

Although I’d planned to have a go at sea fishing somewhere this weekend my plans were thrown out almost as soon as I’d made them.

We were due to have some windows replaced but the bloke was late and when he got here they were the wrong size so that didn’t get done. While he was here, supposedly fitting windows I was going to go and buy a new bait pump (mine is trashed) but as it would take me an hour there and another one back I wouldn’t have been able to make it back in time for the other bloke to come and quote for re-flagging the back garden.

He was also late – grrrrr.

This now meant that no matter what time I got up to the shop I wouldn’t have been able to pump bait for either Saturday night or Sunday.

Realising that the piscatorial gods were set against us, on Sunday we went up to the tackle shop and purchased the new a narrow bore bait pump, which is easier to work, and a few other bits and pieces but we also took some lunch with us and went for a bit or drive round the Silverdale area until we found somewhere to park up and enjoy the weather.

And what great weather we’ve had this weekend – it seems a shame that we didn’t manage to get out fishing but the house, I suppose, has to come first – dammit.

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