Finally, a Black Bream from Pwllheli

A Small but pretty Black Bream from South Beach, Pwllheli
A Small but pretty Black Bream from South Beach, Pwllheli

After a few days of chilling out, walking and catching up on some reading in the sun we ventured of Anglesey, over the other side of the Llyn Peninsula to have a go, once again, at Pwllheli south Beach, target: Black Bream.

My first (small) Black Bream
My first (small) Black Bream

After a long, long wait, and trying far out, close in, big baits and small baits I finally managed to capture this beautiful little fish on a size 4 hook using ragworm with a strip of squid as bait.

Looking at the size of this little fellow it was evident that size 4 hooks had been too big and we’d have been better scaling down to size 6 or even 8. We tried this but the tide was starting to ebb so we called it a day after a few hours. Only one fish but one I’ve been trying to catch for years.

So now that I’ve caught this years target species, all be it a very tiny specimen, it’s time to thing of a new challenge – probably Small Eyed Ray in September / October.

The only thing that put a dampener on the day was that even on such a huge beach with hardly any one on it, people still let their dogs crap and kids swim unatteneded right in front of us – maybe we’re famous or something but I doubt it – it’s more likely that people are just ignorant.

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