Where does the time go?

mere sands fungiIt doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since we were away enjoying ourselves on Anglesey but it’s been almost 2 months and no matter how hard we tried we’ve not realy managed to get out sea fishing or walking anything like as much as we wanted.

As per usual there hasn’t been any specific reason for this except for the normal reasons most home owners have such as those last minute fixes that you’ve put off but desperately need doing before winter sets in and it’s too late.

Well, we’ve done all we can, or at least all we want too, so hopefully we’ll be able to use the weekends for more constructive (yeah right) things such as wondering around the Lake District or catching Cod.

I’ve noticed a distinct chill in the air this past week and going by the colour of the trees I’d say Autumn has arrived here in Lancashire which was also evident as I walked round Mere Sands wood this afternoon where a wide variety of fungi have suddenly appeared.

We’ll be visiting Anglesey again soon so I hope the weather stay good and we can repeat our previous years September successes but if not who cares? Anglesey is a great place and just to get away is all we really need.

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