Garden Update

Hugging the Apple Tree
Hugging the Apple Tree

Not been a whole lot going on sea fishing or walking wise up here in Lancashire for the past few weeks as work has been a bit hectic for both of us and we seem to have spent weekends just lazing about and resting.

We have added a couple of new trees to the garden though, 2 small apple trees; Cox and Katy which are able to pollinate each other so hopefully we’ll get some apples next year.

A few of our friends went and had a try for some early Cod up at Blackpool last weekend but all that came out were small Whiting and the odd Dogfish so it looks like even tough the weather feels very Autumnal it’s not quiet cold enough for the winter species to turn up yet.

The other major development, from our point of view anyway, is that the RSPB have opened up Hesketh Marsh for visitors, I was hoping to go this weekend but the weather was truly horrid when I got up this morning so that’ll have to wait for another day.

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