Autumn’s Final Fling

Autumns Final Fling at Queens Park, Bolton
Autumns Final Fling at Queens Park, Bolton

Just a quick post to say I’m still here but with the weather being so terrible during the weekends we’ve not had chance to go fishing or had the inclination to go walking.

I managed to get out at lunchtime for a quick walk through Queens Park, in Bolton, only to find that most of the footpaths near the River Croal are closed as they’re repairing the bridge, and they will be till at least April… oh well, at least they’re only closed while the weather is rubbish and the bridge has been closed for years now so obviosuly needed seeing too.

The leaves had almost gone but I just managed to sneak a photograph of the last of them hanging on over the pond before this weekends winds turn up, I expect the trees will be naked next week.

So no fishing this weekend and unless the weather stops being so damn wet it’s looking like our Autumn / Winter fishing is on hold for a while.

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