Explorer Finally Looses it’s Way

This week all us web-geeks finally get to see a ray of hope in the ever frustrating war we have while trying to make our websites work correctly in MS Internet Explorer version 6 as Google announce that they are ceasing support for the aging (2001) web browser. This may not seem like such a big deal to most people out there but it is truly astounding how many people still use, through no fault of their own, a piece of software that is so bug ridden and non-complient that it can easily add weeks onto the development of a website as the developer works around some fairly major flaws.

Hopefully, as reported on the BBC news website today, this will start a trend as major companies move away from Explorer 6, which will enable the web to become all it should be instead of developers having to hold back their creativity while supporting such a flawed piece of software. Already the UK government is looking at updating all it’s browsers, in all departments, to the latest ones.

To find more about how you or your company can help in the campaign to rid the internet of Explorer 6 you can check out the website ie6nomore.com to find out more.

It looks like, at least for web developers like myself, the final nail is being driven in Explorer 6’s coffin – long may it stay buried.

(the top image is from the ie6nomore.com website)

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  1. SeatackleGuy said:

    Yeah this seems to be a ongoing thing with browser wars.Websites/Design seem to always have to work around the browsers all the time! Great website by the way!

    February 9, 2010

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