Fairhaven Flounder, Sea Fishing at Last

Fairhaven, Lytham, Lancashire
All rods in but will the Flounder show up?

After some truly atrocious weather over the winter that convinced me that winter fishing is for those of a more hardy nature than myself it seems that spring has arrived in full force so I joined the guys from Blackpool and Layton Angling Society (BLAS) for the first sea fishing match of the new season at the sea front next to Fairhaven Lake, Lytham, Lancashire.

Although the bait for choice for Flounder at this time of year is Peeler Crab I couldn’t get hold of any so armed with a score of Black Lugworm and some Squid I met up with the lads at 9 o’clock to be greeted with glorious warm sunshine tempered with a cold westerly breeze.

The tide races in at this venue where the River Ribble estuary is mostly flat and we knew we’d only have 2.5 hours of fishing time before the water vanished and so, as a variety of baits went seaward as the tide hit the wall we waited for that tell tail rattle indicating a fish. We waited, then waited a bit more, until i got bored of waiting, re-baiting and casting so went for a walk down the match length to chat to a few of the guys I hadn’t seen in a while.

Flounder caught at Fairhaven, Lytham, Lancashire
Dave with a plump Flounder

Then finally, a shout went up from JP, a double header of plump Flounder, caught on Mussel of all things. Then a few more shouts, Dave with one caught on Crab, Millsy with another on Black Lug and Sparky one on Mackeral. But still, no fish for me and my baits coming back unmolested.

It was one of those matches where it didn’t seem to matter what bait went out – if the fish found it on their way up (or down) the river, they would eat it. Unfortunately for a few of us the fish swimming past our baits were blind with no sense of smell.

Distance didn’t seem to matter either, JP caught close in, Dave caught at distance and all the fish were caught using standard 2 hook rigs, with or without beads or other attractors.

Although I didn’t catch, it’s always good to meet up with the guys from BLAS, who although they are some of the best anglers I know and could easily fish and get in the points of some major matches, always have a laugh. If you’re looking for a sea angling club in Lancashire I can thoroughly recommend getting in touch with them by click here on the Blackpool and Layton Angling Society website.

Next sea fishing match is Fleetwood Channel – didn’t do that well last year but it was still fun so I’ll be there in a couple of weeks.

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