There’s Something Fishy at Queens Park

Now that's the way to fish a pond...

On Thursday I was doing my usual lunchtime walk round Queens Park, Bolton when I came across this, a strange, but probably easier, way to catch the fish i thought…

What is actually happening is that the park has been granted some money from the lottery fund and part of the re-development is tidying up the ponds (inside and on the banks) and making them more accessible for everyone, anglers included. So first they have to move the fish out of a pond that’s got all sorts of junk in it, not an easy task and I’d arrived just after they’d electro-fished the pond and moved most of the fish to another.

What this involves is using a small voltage in the water to stun the fish, gather them up and transfer them somewhere else, where in a few minutes they’ll swim off non the wiser.

Hoping for fish but more likely to catch a shopping trolley.

As you can see once they’d moved the majority of the fish they ‘netted’ the pond. With all the junk that has accumulated in the pond; trees, cans, bikes, shopping trolleys, you name it, was a fairly arduous task so, as I was in my work clothes – I left them to it…

It’s great to see some work being done in the park, it’s a beautiful place and only 5 minutes from the shopping center of Bolton – well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

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    April 12, 2010

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