Fleetwood Sea Fishing – The Channel Revisited

Fleetwood Esplanade
Looking across the River Wyre to the Bowland Fells

The second match of the Blackpool and Layton Angling Society (BLAS) was held at the estuary of the River Wyre at the North side of Fleetwood. We’ve fished Fleetwood Channel a few times before and it’s fairly straightforward, helped by the fact that you can park your car on the esplanade, almost on the fishing mark itself.

Even though the seasons this year seem a few weeks behind, the weather was almost identical to that of last years match even if the wind was a little cooler. Six of us braved the glorious sun and tried desperately to get an early tan until the sun hid behind a few clouds and the chill reminded us that Winter has only just retreated.

Fleetwood River Wyre
Low water on the River Wyre, tactical discussion...

The fishing proved to be difficult and the baits, various mixtures of Black Lug, Mackeral, Squid and Razorfish were coming back in almost the same condition as when they were cast in – a sign of lack of crab activity, which in itself is a sign that the season hasn’t really kicked off yet.

Rockling from Fleetwood River Wyre
Me, happy to catch a Rockling

Sven got an plump Five-Beareded Rockling (Ciliata mustela) at low water then it went quiet for a while until after going for a walk to the lifeboat pier to look for Mussels I reeled in another monster Rockling from the deep. Not quiet as big as the fish Sven got but still quiet large for this species.

The rigs we were using were standard 2 hook rigs armed with size 1 fine wire hooks as we were expecting Flounder and, although the flatties never showed up and the hooks were a little large for the Rockling, on the final cast of the match Shacky managed to land yet another – the same length as Sven’s hence tieing the match with me coming in third.

So overall the fishing wasn’t to great, in fact it was grim, but the weather was lovely, the company and banter entertaining as always and the views across Morecambe Bay of the Lake District Mountains fantastic. (Sorry about the image quality – for some reason I had the camera set to 800 ASA, I must have nudged the button in the shock of seeing a fish)

The third match is here again in a couple of weeks – hopefully someone will tell the fish…

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  1. Kari said:

    Beautiful photos!

    May 1, 2010

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