Practicing for the Sea, Fly Fishing at Mere Beck

My First Fly Caught Fish - a small Roach

Do I look like a happy chap in the above photo? I think so!!!!

After mucking about last year and getting a bit of a taste for Fly Fishing we’re going to get a little more serious about it this year (ie, go more than twice a year) for both fresh and salt water species. As I was a bit rusty to say the least and Wendy a bit less so we went to Mere Beck Fly Fishery which is where it all started last year and had a very pleasant afternoon / early evening re-learning how to cast something that weighs almost nothing at a fish the out smarts you again and again and again.

The catch rate wasn’t great but this was more of a casting exercise than anything else although I did manage to catch a small roach on a fly that to be honest didn’t look much more than slightly fatter than normal black hook with red bit on the sides called a black buzzer – I think it’s supposed to look like a fly lava but whatever it looked like I caught two small roach so it must work.

No trout for us but we did see some caught while we were there so next session we’ll get a bit more into what flies to use and how to present and retrieve them to fool the fish into thinking they taste good.

Still can’t wait to catch a salt water species such as Bass, Pollack or Mackerel on the fly – I’ve a feeling that would be something a bit special and this year we’re determined to have a proper go at it.

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