A Few Birds on Anglesey

"Oy, you with your wings out - get off my rock"

Anglesey is a fantastic place for any nature lover, in fact anyone who just likes being outside so while we weren’t fishing or just lazing about we did manage to go for the odd walk, more of a stroll really – didn’t want to tax ourselves after all…

You can tell spring is finally here though as a lot of our avian friends that spend the winter months somewhere a bit warmer are finally arriving.

Walking around the inland sea just to the southwest of Penrhos, on the other side of the main road there were all sorts of small birds, most of which were to far away to identify – or at least by me.

The Wheatear were very obliging though – sitting nice and still on the rocks to get their portrait taken.

There were plenty of the usual subjects, waders of all varieties and in the distance, diving for small fish we could make out a few Sandwich Terns – a beautiful bird with a voice that just doesn’t match the grace of this summer visitor.

A lot of the birds were paired up including Cormorants on almost every exposed rock and a lot of Red-breasted merganser. I’d never managed to get close enough to these sea going, fish eating ducks but on our last day, while having our final lunch on the island this pair swam right in front of us.

Yep – Spring is certainly in the air and everything is paired up – I wonder how many young these birds will produce and if we’ll see them when we go back in a couple of months.

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