Hazy Lazy Days Sea Fishing on the River Douglas

Sea fishing on the River Douglas
A lazy hazy day sea fishing on the River Douglas

I’ve not been sea fishing for a while, or any other type of fishing for that matter. Not for any specific reason just other stuff to do around the house and garden while the weather is good. But with the weather being so good this past weekend I couldn’t resist a walk along our local river, The River Douglas, to see what was going on.

SkylarkThe river itself was quite quiet with the usual suspects bobbing along in the wakes of a few boats returning from sea fishing off Blackpool; Mallard, Shelduck, Geese and Swans with Oyster Catchers watching them from the shore.

The banks are very very dry at the moment and keeping low I managed to get a snap of a Skylark before he shot skyward proclaiming to all comers that this was his territory. Nothing quiet announces that Summer is approaching as the never ending song of this small unobtrusive bird with the most amazing song.

Further along the river there were hordes of people fishing. I say hordes – I mean more than 2, which is hordes for here. I don’t think anyone was having much luck but then I’m fairly sure they were all using Mackerel and realistically at this time of year, in the River Douglas or the River Ribble (of which the Douglas is a tributary) you’d probably be better off using peeler crab to catch the Flounder they were all after.

There were a lot of domestic (big white) Geese on the river with young so I couldn’t resist this final shot.

domestic geese river douglasI’m not sure who is who’s parent but then I guess they’re not bothered either – so long as they get fed. Another great walk along a river that always makes me smile.


  1. Andy said:

    I was on the Douglas the next day ! I sent a report to Wirralseafishing, to which I have just added a couple of photographs.

    Re mullet : I tried for them in a creek up near Slinger’s farm in the late 70’s and managed a couple.Problem is, the fish are continually on the move and it is extremely difficult to hold them on a particular spot. I know of people who netted for them ( and bass) in the long-creeks that come inland from the Ribble towards Hundred End. Also at this time, there was still a professional fisherman licensed to net on the Douglas for salmon.

    Mullet are the most frustrating species of fish ! Two years ago, at Dursey sound ( Ireland, county Cork/Beara ) there was the biggest shoal of mullet I have ever seen ! The fish were gliding on the surface with their mouths wide open feeding on insects. My presence didn’t spook the shoal and I managed to ground-bait, but an hour of prolonged effort produced nothing ! Another angler, fishing nearby, foul-hooked a beauty with a spinner, I’ve never seen such a fight !

    June 8, 2010
  2. Stu said:

    I’m sure they’re catchable though, it’s just trying to hold them in an area to ground bait – i was thinking of baiting one of the creeks on the Douglas with mashed bread for a week to see if that will attract them.

    June 8, 2010

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