Alder Leaf Beetles in Bolton

Alder Leaf Beetle
Alder Leaf Beetles getting a bit amorous

Following on from my previous attempts at photographing beetles around Queens Park in Bolton I spotted some small dark metallic blue ones, very similar to the Green Dock Beetles I’d photographed a few weeks ago.

I only had the ‘small’ camera, Canon Powershot A640, with me but as it turned out this was far more capable of close ups than my EOS 450D although the fact the beetles were hardly moving and I could get about 2cm away from them may have helped.

I had no idea what they were so I posted the photo on the Wild About Britain website where a very helpful person identified them as Alder Leaf Beetles (Agelastica alni). There were quite a few, feeding on the new Hazel leaves with the females, swollen with eggs, being pursued by the slightly smaller males.

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