New Outdoor Clothing and Footwear Shop in Tarleton

trek outdoors tarleton

I know I go through all sorts of clothing and footwear in my sea fishing and walking adventures and although I like browsing through all the outdoor gear shops it’s a pain sometimes as I live in a village a fair distance from any major retailer.

Well this month that all changed as just up the road from where I live a shop has opened called trek outdoors which aims to offer a range of quality technical and casual brands, expert advice and excellent customer service. I’ve just been for a look today and bought a new soft knit top from weirdfish, I couldn’t help myself and I did need one, honest. They sell all the usual brands such as craghopper and merrell with a few others I’d not heard of, all of which are the highest quality.

I don’t usually post about shops but this guy is local and sells stuff I want so if you’re in the area or just passing through why not look up Jason, the shop is on Church Rd in Tarleton, about half way between Southport and Preston, just off the A59.

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