Comma Chrysalis Crisis While Lancashire’s Hosepipe Ban Loom

comma butterfly chrysalisI’ve given up trying to get a photo of this chrysalis hatching. I’ve been getting to the car park early and visiting it and a few others like it, to see if I can catch a Comma butterfly emerging but I think this latest damp, cooler spell of weather has effectively stopped them hatching until the sun returns with a bit of warmth. Which is a damn shame as I’m going away for a couple of weeks and they’ll have no doubt hatched and flown off by the time I get back.

As for the weather it was inevitable that we were going to get a hosepipe ban up here in Lancashire, we havn’t had much rain since it snowed and the major reservoirs in the area are only at around 50% capacity. Saying that, as I look out of the window, it is currently chucking it down but  I think it will need a few weeks of sustained rain to make much of a difference.

The water shortage is undoubtedly caused by the low rainfall this year but I’m sure a lot more could be done by the water suppliers to fix leaks. To give you an example there was a leak in the centre of Bolton near a well known night club that was leaking for at least 2 months – it must have wasted far more in that time than a whole village of hosepipes.

Thank god sea fishing doesn’t need rain, if anything fresh water entering the sea in quantity at river estuaries can push the fish out to the more salty depths making a trip to these areas end up in a big fat blank. Thankfully Anglesey doesn’t really suffer from this and so long as you stay safe and be careful on wet slippery rocks, rain doesn’t make a lot of difference.

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