Rays of Sun but no Thornback Rays at Perch Rock

Hunting for Thronback Ray at Perch Rock, New Brighton
An Early Start Sea Fishing at Perch Rock, New Brighton

Once more the urge to get up at stupid o’clock overcame my common sense as it does with a lot a sea anglers as I made my way South through Liverpool and under the Mersey to meet up with a few of the guys from the Wirral Sea Fishing website at Perch Rock, New Brighton.

The target species for this sea fishing trip was Thornback Ray as a few had come out of the mark in previous weeks. We would be fishing two hours down to low water then a couple of hours back up into fairly deep water, at a range of anywhere between 50 yards and ‘as far as you can get it’ using either simple pulley or ‘up and over’ rigs armed with 3/0 hooks and baited with Sandeel and Squid wraps.

Signs were good as Richie landed a small Thornback Ray of about 3 pounds to a Mackerel and Squid wrap (just to be different) but appart from a solitary Whiting to Joe that was the only fish we saw with the crabs stripping the baits almost as soon as they hit the sea bed.

A hour into the flood Kev and I called it a day as the weed became to much with the fast current as the sea flooded into the River Mersey so that’s another blank for me. Still, it was good to get out on a beautiful morning and put faces to a few names from the WSF forum. We heard later that Joe went again on the following low tide but during darkness and caught a fish of about 5 pounds – usually the light level doesn’t affect the Mersey due to the colour of the water but who knows – maybe next time I’ll fish it into darkness.

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