Poetry and Photographs of Marshside

bye bye blackbird coverLate last week I received a copy of “Bye Bye Blackbird – Worlds Past and Worlds Away” by Eileen Berry, a book containing poetry from her memories or Marshide, Southport through to Northern Sudan.

Eileen’s editor, Susan, asked if she could use one of my photographs for the cover a few months ago and until I received an email asking for my address I’d completely forgotten about it.

My first ever published photo – brilliant!

Susan found the photo from a post I did a while back about bird watching at Marshside, Southport and the only change they’ve made to it is to flip it so the moon is top right.

I”ll leave you with an excerpt from the “Walking In the Wind” by Eileen Berry as she describes a bit of Marshside in a way I hope to do in my photography.

“Wide skies, white seabirds, wild seas – this is her world –
the whole blustery world of marsh and near-deserted shore,
where a few people look for shells,
a man walks his dog”

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