Sea Fishing Rossall Hospital, Weeding at Fleetwood

The Sun sets over the surf at Rossall

With the wind in the West we decided on a late night sea fishing session up at Rossall near Fleetwood last Saturday to see if any Bass were out playing in the surf.

On arrival and after a fly by from the Red Arrows along the promenade we had a quick look at the state of the sea and although it looked a bit rough it seemed fishable enough so we quickly set up the gear and launched some black lugworm baits just behind the surf.

Initially this seemed to work well but contrary to the forcaste the wind seemed to pick up and as high water approached it quickly became evident that there was far too much weed in the water to make sea fishing feasible. You can see how windy it was – the bags hanging from the tripods in the photo above are full of rocks to stop things blowing over. This was quickly demonstrated in my last two casts where one bait ended up snagged round a groyne about 30 yards to my left – dragged there by the weed (I lost that one) and the other bait ended up on the beach with about 4 pounds of wed attached to it.

We gave up at that point…

A shame really as the sea looked very fishy but sometimes it’s just impossible to fish it and you don’t know until you give it a try.

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  1. Ian said:

    Quitter 😉

    August 11, 2010

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