A Beautiful Evening Fly Fishing at Mere Beck

Trying to Tempt the Trout at Mere Beck Fly Fishery

After my recent poor form in the sea fishing department we had an evening session fly fishing at Mere Beck Fly Fishery, near Preston, a few nights ago. The reports had been pretty poor and apparently trout don’t like bright sunny conditions so the prospects of a fish didn’t look good but we packed some sandwiches and drove the whole 10 minutes (I know!!!) up the road to have a go anyway.

wendy catches a minnow on the fly at mere beck
Big Grin - Little Fish

Chatting to Gordon, the Owner / Manager, who gave us a quick lesson over a year ago, it wasn’t fishing well but buzzers would be the way to go. Buzzers are basically small hooks ‘dressed’ to look like small nymphs and consist of a hook covered in thread to make it a bit thicker with slightly more to give it a ‘head’ shape near the eye of a small hook – that’s it.

As we had the place to ourselves (obviously everyone else decided it wasn’t worth trying) we had a bit of an explore around the various ponds the fishery has but appart from a few splashes we couldn’t tempt a trout although towards dusk there was increased activity and Wendy, spotting a few splashes on the surface in a shady spot, managed to catch the smallest fish I’ve seen in a long time – a Minnow I think.

Although the fish failed to turn up we still had a great evening and it’s a lot easier to practice casting and honing a new technique without an audience. I feel we getting better at casting each time we go and it helps that we can stand back and watch each other and give advice but we’ve got to the point where we need a bit more coaching so next bank holiday weekend we’ve booked a full day with a qualified AGPAI (Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors)¬†instructor.

We’re looking forward to it and I’ve already been ‘chatting’ to him via email to get a few hints before we turn up – I’m sure Mike thinks he’s being stalked…


  1. K.Connolly said:

    I did quite a bit of fly fishing there when I first started. If you really do want to catch rainbows very easily a small lure such as a cat whisker used to do very well.

    If you fish on the very first pond as you come in with island in the middle you should catch a few, as most people just walk straight past it. I remember having 10+ fish in an hour one evening there, but I prefer trying to get them on the dry fly now.

    October 16, 2010
  2. Stu said:

    Thanks for you’re comments and advice – we’re only just starting to get the hang of fly fishing so we’re only just get ting the hang of what flies to use and when. Lure’s such as cats whisker do seem to dominate catch reports at the moment so I’ll have to get a few of those to try next time.

    Last time we were there I was fishing a daddy – saw a fish take it but didn’t react fast enough – doh!! There’s always next time though…

    October 16, 2010

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