Getting Serious – New Fly Fishing Tackle

Our new Greys X Flite rods and GRXi reels

After mucking about with the budget gear we bought last year to see if we were going to get into fly fishing, a couple of weeks ago we splashed out and purchased new rods and reels (as well as some higher quality line).
We decided on the Greys GRXi 5/6 weight reels as they come with 3 extra spools so you can have different types of line on each to suit different fishing conditions, eg, sinking line if the fish are deep, floating if they’re feeding on the surface, etc. The rods took a bit more research though but after chatting to Mike Roden during our fly fishing lesson and a few other people we decided on going one better for the rods and purchased a couple of 9 foot Greys X-Flite’s 6 weight rods which would cover us for most of our fly fishing needs.

The line we are using, also from Greys , is called Platinum and we have both floating (mine in grey, Wendy’s in orange) and intermediate in clear (intermediate line sinks very slowly).

So were now all tackled up and although we’ve not caught any fish on them yet we have been out and given them a try as well as spending a fair amount of time on the local playing field trying to put into practice all that Mike taught us.

All the new fly fishing gear came from Ted Carter Fishing Tackle in Preston, not for any specific reason except it was local and had in stock what we wanted. The service there was very good, with advice freely given in the game fishing department where Joe (I think) who served us also helped us select some flies for where we would be fishing.

I’d forgotten how much difference ‘proper’ tackle makes as I’ve been sea fishing for a while now so my sea gear is well up to scratch, but these new pieces of fly fishing tackle seem to make a huge difference and I’m sure it’s not all psychological.

We just need to catch a few fish now…


  1. Philip Price said:

    Fly fishing is great fun. Good tackle is always a pleasure to use..Although it doesn’t always have to cost a small fortune…If i had to choose one type of fishing fly fishing would be my first choice it a wonderful world…..You can fly fish in the sea, course venues and rivers…
    I love grayling fishing but love boat fishing for browns and Rainbows…

    September 30, 2010
  2. Stu said:

    Thanks for visiting Philip – we’re really getting into fly fishing, not had much luck catching but it is definitely something we’re pursuing as seriously as our sea fishing. Going to Anglesey this weekend so may take the fly rods with us just in case i scope out any mullet or bass cruising around the inland sea – although the forcaste is a touch breezy 🙂

    September 30, 2010

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