Extreme Pond Dipping at Queens Park, Bolton

dredging the pond at queens park, bolton
And I thought clearing out my parents pond was hard work...

The weather this past week has been truly miserable so we haven’t done any type of fishing, indeed it’s been so bad that even getting lunch has been a pre-winter test of my waterproofs.

I managed to get out yesterday without getting soaked and during my usual walk round Queens Park I came across this extreme case of pond dipping. I remember using a net to catch things out of a pond but this seems a little overkill…

What they’re doing is removing all the silt and accumulated junk from the bottom in preparation for re-building the edges and adding fishing platforms. All the fish from the pond were moved months ago┬áto an adjacent one and the birds moved once the heavy machinery turned up. The local Heron was having a field day picking out small fish and frogs that couldn’t be moved while the water was only a few inches in places.

On a fishing related note, we’ve got a couple of ‘proper’ fly fishing rods but not really given them a work out yet – hopefully we’ll get out this coming weekend to give them a proper try, weather permitting.

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