Cod on the Rocks at Seaforth Docks

Seaforth Dock rocks
Fishing is along the outside of the breakwater rocks at Seaforth Docks

After picking up our POLSAF (Port of Liverpool Sea Angling Federation) passes a few weeks ago we joined a few of the guys from Wirral Sea Fishing for our first venture fishing the rocks at Seaforth docks. As we were new to the venue we thought it better to tag along with some guys that were familiar with the mark so we met up with the guys at the designated car parking area 2½ hours before high water.

Wendy's first cod of the season from SeaforthThe target species was to be Cod as Kev had managed to catch a few a couple of days ago. After a quick chat about where the best area to fish was we made our way down the rocks to a place where, if we were to catch anything, would make landing a fish as safe as possible.

The bait of choice was black lug tipped with frozen peeler crab mounted on pulley rigs armed with 2/0 hooks mounted pennell style (where one hook is tied to the end of the snood line and the other is just threaded on the line futher up and hooks into the top end of the bait).

Things looked great as Wendy, on her first cast, managed to snare her first decent sized Codling of about a pound and a half, and our first of the season. This fish was obviously a River Mersey resident as it colouring was a bit blotchy so after a quick photo was released.

I was getting plagued with tiny bits that I just couldn’t connect with so I started changing baits, alternating using squid or squid wrapped lug as well as lug or lug and crab.

A small whiting from seaforth docks for wendyIt wasn’t long until the Sun started to set and in the golden glow of the Autumn light Wendy managed her second species of the evening, a small Whiting.

I was getting a little concerned by this point as it looked like I was going to end up going home with another blank under my belt but not long after landing hers a Whiting fell to my lug and squid cocktail – not a monster but my first fish from this venue so I was happy with that.

We could see the guys to the left of us catching the odd fish but they were not coming out in significant numbers and a few of them seemed to be finding snags on the river bed, which is always a pain as if you are constantly loosing gear you’re spending more time messing about with that rather than fishing.

We managed to avoid snags until later in the evening when the tide started to ebb, when Wendy lost three sets on the run and I lost a couple – luckily by then it was time to go but not before the Dogfish put in an appearance.

Fort Perch Rock from Seaforth Dock
Looking across the Mersey to the Wirral and North Wales

Once the sun set fully these plagued everyone and it was tough to keep a bait in the water long enough for anything else to find it before a Dogfish pounced on it. Now I’ve caught loads of dogfish in my time sea fishing but these fish were big, I landed 3 in total and lost a few on the way in, all of them were well above 2lb in weight so although they were only dogfish, they were fairly good specimens.

Small Cod from Seaforth RocksJust a darkness fell proper and I was starting to think that it was not to be, I managed to land a fresh run Cod of about a pound and a half, not quite big enough to take but a fantastic result. You could tell it was a fresh rather than resident fish as its colouring was a lot paler and it just looked ‘nicer’ – not a blotch in sight.

And that was that, first outing at Seaforth Docks for Cod and we managed to catch the target species plus a few Dogfish and Whiting. Needless to say we’ll be coming back, it’s an easy place to fish once you find a comfy rock, with good parking and being part of the docks, your car is secure.

We’ve been informed that once we get into November it’s not unusual to bag fish of 3 or 4 pounds with the odd fish of 10 pounds falling to the lucky angler. With the venue being less than an hour away we’d be daft not to go…

Sea Fishing at Seaforth Dock – Venue Information

Dogfish from Seaforth DocksSeaforth Docks is part of the Port of Liverpool complex on the River Mersey and you will need a valid POLSAF permit to fish here. The best fishing is anywhere within about 100 metres of the car park and the area can be fished either from the concrete walkway above the rocks (easier footing) or by making you way down the rocks (easier to land your catch). Long casts are not required, anything around the 40-50 metre mark is fine and the bait of choice is black lug with or without peeler crab.

Target species is Cod during the winter with Dogfish appearing once darkness falls. The further from the car park you go the shallower it is and you will get Whiting and Dabs if you fish here.

The area can be fished on anything up to a 26 foot tide (liverpool tide height) as weed and holding in the current becomes a  problem in anything larger. The venue is usually fished a couple of hours to hi-water and 1 hour down.


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