An Evening of Sun or Birds at Marshside

A still October evening at RSPB Marshside
With the weather being so fantastic this weekend and the skies being clear and bright I decided to have a quick visit to RSPB Marshside to see if I could get a shot of the Pink footed geese as they came in to roost. As I pulled into the car park, a drive of a whole 15 minutes, the Sun vanished behind the cloud leaving me and a few other photographers that had the same idea in the dark, literally.

I did manage to get a few shots of Lapwings as they flew in from the marsh but by the time the Pick footed geese did their nightly V-shaped fly-by the light level was too low to get any decent photographs.

Cow at RSPB Marshside ignoring Lapwing and Widgeon
Cow, ignoring the Lapwings and Widgeon... "Can't you see I'm eating?"

There were plenty of other birds in the area; Widgeon, Teal, Godwits, Oyster catchers – all the usual Autumn suspects but the only time they came within camera range was when the Sun hid behind the clouds forming over the sea to the west.

flight of Lapwings at RSPB Marshside
Evening sun lights up a flight of Lapwings at RSPB Marshside

Needless to say as the light level returned and the Sun bathed the area the golden glow the Geese were nowhere to be seen, the only evidence of them being their calls echoing from the surrounding fields.

Light… a photographers best friend and worst enemy…

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