Note the High Water Level, Cymyran Bay

Car flooded at high tide, cymyran bay
It pays to take note of the high water mark...

A few of the guys from had a sea fishing session at Cymyran Bay last weekend. The tide was very high and unfortunately Shaun hadn’t fished the mark before and parked in an area that flooded. I’ll let him explain…

I wasn’t going to admit to this but in the interests of letting you know the dangers of not knowing an area very well (I’ve only ever fished here over low water) …this was an hour or so before high water… imagine if I’d been catching fish and stayed with Kev and the lads. Luckily it started and I was able to drive onto dry land… The result was an hour and half of bailing out and red-raw hands from wringing out a towel to top off my blank.

Thanks for the admission mate – just goes to show you can never be too careful.

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  1. Baggie said:

    As above

    thanks for sharing………

    I’ve done similar !!!!!!

    October 14, 2010

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